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Mambo’s Finest

Surprisingly enough, Mambo’s Finest Dance Company was created via a similar dream that Jorday and Tiffany both shared one evening inspiring the company that was founded in March 2000. Throughout many trails and tribulations each dancer was carefully chosen for extensive reasons. Each of the dancers unique in themselves demonstrates different talents and abilities.

Mambo’s Finest Dance company is more than just a company, it’s a family. They’ve welcomed each new member with open arms and always stick together through all endeavors. This is the first company that I’ve seen that actually enjoys rehearsing. Thay take it as far as rehearsing for hours at a time, as perfection is essential to them.

In the shore existence of Mambo’s Finest, they have already featured two videos for Hofstra University and Nassau Community College. They’ve had appearances in many parades and festivals such as: Clemente Park alongside Ray Sepulveda, Jonny Rivera, Miles Pena and Michael Stuart. Television shows include City Grooves, Sabado 47 with Michael Stuart and a special edition of Sabado 47 with Celia Cruz and the VH1 Pre-Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden.

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Jorday Rivera is holding ongoing auditions for new dancers to be part of both the adult and Youth professional dance teams, Mambo’s Finest and Mambo’s Finest Take 2. These are not “student teams.” Dancers must be able to rehearse at least two times per week, take specialized classes, and must have basic dance skills with at least 2 years of dancing “On 2” knowledge. Knowing HipHop, Cha Cha, Ballet, splits, And Jazz is also a plus. The adults ages 18 and older should contact Jorday Rivera if interested. Youth ages 5 to 18 years of age should contact Tiffany Rivera.

For those youth without sufficient experience, there is a special Performance Training Class offered at the studio. For adults without sufficient experience, there are two special classes available, Ladies Salsa/Mambo Styling and Salsa/Mambo Partnering.

The auditions will be held at Jorday Rivera’s Dance Studio.

Mambo’s Finest Take Two!

Mambo’s Finest Take 2 is comprised of children ranging from the ages of 10 through 18 of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Having been together for just over eighteen months, the children have evolved into passionate dancers, bonding together as a family. They rehearse an average of 4 days a week, both after school and on weekends, which has exposed their unparalleled work ethic motivation aimed at excellence. Each individual’s unbridled devotion and support to the group has led them to continually accomplish the lofty goals set for Mambo’s Finest Take 2. Dancers must maintain an “A” average in school as well as attend all rehearsals. Currently, all members are on the honor roll in each of their respective schools.

Take 2’s signature style has been described as a combination of explosive energy and exuberant innocence, which captivates audiences. Eagerness to show spectators their flair gives them a special stage presence, which makes them natural performers. In the short time they’ve been together, the children have been featured performers at the Jones Beach Summer Concert Series. They have also been invited to perform in The Congresso Mundial de la Salsa, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, The 112th St. Puerto Rican Cultural Celebration, the Annual Colombian Day Festival, and numerous other multicultural dance exhibitions.



1. F2F (Face to Face) “Espejismo”
2. Orquesta Clara Salsa

TV and Film:

1. Sabado 47 “Michael Stuart”
2. Sabado 47 “Celia Cruz”
3. City Groups (twice)
4. Commercial “Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe”
5. Pre-Grammy’s “VH1”

International Events:

* May 2001 European tour consisting of…
o Germany
o Italy
o Switzerland
o London
o France

Workshops (assisted):

1. Stony Brook

Local Events:

1. Hofstra
2. Stony Brook
3. Nassau Community College
4. Congresso de la Salsa (NY and LA)
5. All Parades and Festivals in NY and NJ
6. Roberto Clemente Park


1. MSG
2. Roberto Clemente Park

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